Personal Learning Space…

I am working on a social learning website for DPS. This will involve students being able to create digital portfolios, learning communities, share files/transfer files to home, store website bookmarks, create a blog, and much more.

The software is called ELGG ( It is kinda like myspace with a focus on education. It has all the great features of social networking, but in a controlled environment: only Dearborn Public School Students and Staff can create learning spaces/profiles.

Here is a list of Universities using it:

North America

Universities and schools

I am hopeful that students, if nothing else, can use it to transfer work to their home.  Currently if a student is writing a paper at school, they have to email the file to themselves to get it from home.  With the new website, they can upload it and then download it at home in a secure environment.  Not to mention they can store it in their profile so they can start creating e-portfolios of their work.

Look for more developments closer to the start of school as we select a few pilot classes to use the new website.

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