Publish from firefox

OK.  I have been hesitant about using add-ons in firefox.  But recently I updated my browser theme and decided to check out the latest plugins for Firefox and I was blown away!  There were advanced adware plugins and even plugins for posting to my blog.  I can manage and add new content to my blog … Read more

Professional Development

Just today I was conducting training with teachers.  It is an exciting time to be working with educators.  Thanks for listening to my presentation on district web technologies!  Hopefully some of you will pursue a DPS blog or move into the arena of Online Classrooms with iLearn.

New Web Conf. Software: DimDim

We just downloaded the Alpha Version of this new, free software called DimDim.  We had tried this out previously and it worked OK.  The video would drop out and it lacked features, but the Alpha version looks promising!  We just conducted a 30 minute test and it worked GREAT! This will be software that can … Read more

New Navigation

I replaced the navigation found on the district,parent,student, and staff pages.  The navigation was on the left side of the page.   It used to be a Flash-Based navigation and we started getting reports of people not having the proper flash version to view the navigation. The new navigation is a combination Java/CSS menu that operates … Read more