RSS Readers embedded in webpages…

If you have seen our district homepage, you should have noticed the News Ticker in the upper right of the page. This news ticker uses ajax to read an RSS feed and then display it in the page. This is really cool because we can take any Blog feed and run it through our website.

Don’t believe me? Check out our Lunch Menu Page.

On this page we pull in a feed from a recipe website! So when you check to see what your children are going to eat for lunch, you can also take a look at the scrolling recipes for dinner ideas!

This is very cool. How many websites do you know of that have RSS feeds? The vast majority of the big ones do: CNN, news sites, technology sites, YouTube, MySPace, Google, Yahoo, MSN, they all use RSS for a portion of their website. Even has a few RSS feeds. We can bring these into our district website dynamically.

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