Management – The Interactive Pitfall !

Our website has a lot of interactive elements: eNews, Forums, Podcasts, PTSA website, blogs, moodle, social bookmarking, etc. All of these programs require 2 way input in order to be interactive which becomes a management issue. It is one thing to maintain a web program and quite another to have to feed it information all the time!

So this is my latest issue I am having. We have a lot of great programs and tools on our website, but when do you reach that saturation point? It is hard to keep webpages updated, programs running, and then have to feed information into interactive elements of the website to communicate with parents and the community. Just this year we launched 5 new pieces to our website: iLearn, iBlog, iSeek, eNews, and Parent Forums. This is on top of the podcasting of Board Meetings, Streaming Video of our District Cable Channel, and maintaining/adding information to the district website.

Somehow it is all getting done.  In the pursuit to be cutting-edge and interactive with the community, I am finding myself spending a lot of time feeding the www machine!
One day at a time and it all gets done!!!

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